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January 10, 2020
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Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Under the kitchen sink, aka land of cleaning supplies and miscellaneous other kitchen items you throw in there. Sound familiar?⁣ Here are 4 easy steps for getting this area organized and under control.

1. Remove everything from the space, and discard anything this is empty or expired. Also remove anything that doesn't belong under the kitchen sink!⁣ Make sure to wipe the space down as well.

2. Group like items together (surface cleaner with surface cleaner, hand soap with hand soap).⁣

3. Use clear containers to house the items! This will allow you to see what you are running low on, or what you have 5 bottles of (in my case this is Windex because I LOVE me some Windex).⁣

4. Put everything you are keeping back under the sink, and label each container. This will help prevent clutter going forward! Here we used the following labels: Wood and Floor, Stainless and Cooktop, Hand and Dish Soap, Bleach, Glass & and Surface.⁣

We are all trying to be extra clean right now, so I hope this post helps you get your cleaning products organized and easily visible!

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