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Closet Organization

Streamline and polish the contents of your closet

Closets can get crowded and out of control quickly! If you need help determining what clothes to keep, donate, or toss, a Closet Organizing session is for you. Closet Organizing sessions are full-service, and include:
1. In-home consultation to see your closet, and take measurements and photos.
2. Space planning for the closet, and then shopping for supplies for the closet.
3. Going through all contents of the closet to determine what needs to stay and what needs to be donated or tossed. Sessions include donation drop offs when needed.
4. Installing new organizatonal systems in the closet.
I will streamline your entire closet space including shoes, jewelry, and accessories, and you will once again love walking in to your closet every day.  I also offer refresh services where I restore closets we have previously organized. Closet Organizing sessions are charged on an hourly basis.

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