Happy Clients

“Sara came in to organize our master closet and I cried happy tears when she was done. It was an AMAZING transformation. I could never have done it without her. I tried a few times but just ended up creating more chaos. Now my closet is a place I want to hang out in! Not only does it look fabulous, but the system she created is easy to follow. Even my husband keeps his side of the closet in shape now, which is really saying something. Hire Sara and YPP ASAP, you will not regret it.”
Kristina and David D.
“Sara and Your Polished Place was a DREAM to work with! She takes an attainable approach to going through items and ultimately organizing them. I had her organize a disorganized bedroom turned closet and three things stand out about her organization: 1) she came up with a detailed plan before starting and we were able to collaborate on items that were needed to better help with the organization 2) she organized my things in ways I would have never thought of but is completely brilliant and 3) the organization is easy to maintain. Two months later and I get excited to put things away in my closet (something that has never happened before!). We are thinking of the other areas she can organize in our house!”
Chloe t.
“Personal organizing is honestly an investment in your mental health. Sara helped me overhaul my closet and make my teeny tiny apartment so much easier to utilize. I've always been willing to spend money on my self care and this is just as relaxing as a facial if not more. I had Sara help me go through everything in January and my closets still look like she just left. She created a system that just makes sense for both my lifestyle and the garments I have. If you've ever felt lost staring at your closet or challenged by the full day that sorting your own clothing can require contact Your Polished Place. It is worth it! I can't wait to have her come back and help me with my kitchen when I renovate it!”
Alexandra W.
"I worked with Sara/Your Polished Place on reorganizing our kitchen in January 2021. Sara was fantastic! She stayed within our budget and provided us with sustainable systems. Months later our kitchen still looks fantastic and we are very happy with the final product. I look forward to working with Sara soon on organizing other parts of our house".
sarah b.
“After a cross country move to a new house, Sara and Your Polished Place were a God-send! The virtual consultations were a perfect solution to getting organized in a house with ample but unusual storage. Without Your Polished Place, I’d still be stuck in my old cluttered habits. Now I’m starting a new chapter with an organizing scheme that will keep me organized even when work and life get in the way. The virtual consultation felt very personalized, the curated shopping list was customized to each and every little space, and Sara was available for any and all of my questions! I also appreciate how the organization tools she selected came at various price points to meet my budget. I fully intend to use Your Polished Place for the next project that comes my way!”
Caralee C.
“YPP has been such a fantastic resource. I live in a small apartment and have been able to reclaim space and feel so much more organized thanks to Sara! It’s amazing what living in an organized home does for you mentally - it’s like clearing out the clutter in your home makes more room in your mind. Worth every penny!”
Hillary a.
“I hired Your Polished Place to organize our playroom, and I am blown away! She created systems that are easy to keep up, even for our 3 kids under 5 years old. She is truly a game changer, plus she is so easy to work with. Could not recommend more!”
Hannah J.
“Sara's talents are perfectly arranged for her Polished Place business. Her quiet and diligent manner creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity in the midst of cartons, clutter and chaos. (at least in my apartment) Yes, it takes time and effort, but the results are ravenously wonderful.”
Tamara M .

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