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January 10, 2020
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Quick Win: The Sock Drawer

With everything going on these days, quick wins in our home are so important! If you are looking around your home and feeling overwhelmed with clutter, a great place to start is your sock drawer. This drawer often gets neglected but it's a small space that can be quickly spruced up. You can also get your kids involved with this one!

Step 1: Discard any socks that do not fit, have holes in them or are uncomfortable. Most importantly, discard socks that do not have a mate.

Step 2: If socks are new with tags you can donate them, but do not donate used socks

Step 3: Match up the socks you kept and ‘sushi roll’ them together

Step 4: Put them back in your drawer.

And that's it! You did it! If you feel like you need more structure in your drawer, I highly recommend the below products which just fit into the drawer itself. I also use these for underwear and belts. 1- Honeycomb drawer organizer 2- Sockdrawer organizer 3- Dividers

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